I Wish

We are living in a world with a population of approximately 8 billion humans. When communicating with our friends, we tend to use unconsciously or deliberately phrases which reflect our feelings. I personally use a phrase for describing things which I wish would not have happened. However, it is quite interesting that, I also use this phrase for describing things which I wish would have happened. You might feel confused. But it is not that difficult to find that phrase. Check the previous sentences and you will see that I have already used it two times.

It always surprises me how a phrase can have such a strong effect. It can suddenly decrease the power of words which were said before or contrarily increase the meaning of them. For example; when somebody says, “I love you, but I wish I don’t”, will love still have a meaning for you? Will you still be able to feel the blessing of love?  In my opinion, the feeling becomes imperceptible after hearing the phrase “I wish”.  In other case, think about this scenario when your friend/partner is living in a different country. Imagine him/her saying: “I am not with you now; I wish I would be.” Despite huge distances, would you not realize the importance of your friend and feel how close he/she is to you? That’s how you can feel the exact power of this phrase.

I have nothing else than the street following by

Wish I loved you only for this

Cemal Sureya

I am pretty sure that you have experienced a lot of moments like this. So, it shouldn’t be wrong to say that most of the people have positive or negative memories about “I wish” phrases. These moments might be watershed moments for someone or failure moments for someone else. When we are struggling not to use the phrase “I wish”, we don’t even realize that we are surrounded with it. To be honest, it is not easy to run away from it. Of course, this happens sometimes with regrets and sometimes with sadness, however does it make sense for you to remove this phrase from our life? No, you can be sure that our biggest enemy is the belief of removing “I wish” from our life. 

When I was writing this article, I noticed that I was sleeping with “I wish” phrases in my watershed moments -we can also assume that some of them were breaking points of my life- Also I am still using this phrase in my life insistently. The purpose of this article was to make a peace with the phrase “I wish” and remove it from my life. Who knows, maybe I could invite some of the readers of this article to my revolution. Let’s go, It is time to face our mistakes and to find solutions for them! It is time to think five times, not two times! Or, what would you think if I would tell you that it is time to change our motto from “Carpe Diem” to” “Consider the outcome of your each action”? To be honest, I can not continue to write sentences like this. Because this is not how I feel. “I wish” is more powerful than you and me. You might say that you are not going to use “I wish” again,  but be sure that one day you will say; “I wish, I had not taken “I wish” out of my life.” So, enjoy this powerful phrase. Love it. Hear things what was said before “I wish”, feel what was said after “I wish”. 

Mustafa Erkam Akbulut


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